Hot Mix Meze

Halloumi, Sucuk, Calamari, Sigara Boregi, Falafel

Fried Vegetables

Fried aubergines, potatoes and peppers served with tomato sauce and garlic yoghurt sauce

Karides Tava

Sauteed pawns with garlic, fresh tomatoes and white wine

Sucuk Izgara

Grilled garlic spicy sausage

Grill Onion

Grilled onion with turnip juice, parsley


Mashed chickpeas, broad beans, fresh vegetables and fried

Albanian Liver

Sauteed fresh lamb liver served with onion

Sigara Borek

Pastry filled with feta cheese, parsley & tomato


Fried squid and tartar sauce

Garlic Mushrooms

Batter, oregano and fried mushrooms

Grilled Halloumi

Grilled Cyprus cheese